1 And 2

Assignment 1

To complete this assignment, please review the course text and the article “Identifying and Training Adaptive Cross-Cultural Management Skills: The Crucial Role of Cultural MetacognitionIn addition, watch the videos Workplace Relationships: Playing Your Part (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and Diversity in the Workplace: Playing Your Part (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Next, research for answers to the following questions in your required sources and on the Internet. Be sure to validate that the sources you use are credible. Also, keep a list of the sources you use to include at the bottom of your posting, so others can access them as well.

Click here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to view the Evaluating Sources for Credibility video. [Transcript available (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. located under More option].

Analyze and discuss the following questions about cross-cultural and diversity training and share your findings with your classmates.

  • What are some of the training      and development challenges associated with high employee turnover?
  • Why should a task analysis be      performed to address the specific content addressed in a diversity      training program?
  • Why would it be important to      participate in a cross-cultural training before a business trip out of the      country or an international assignment?
  • What are       some critical success factors for these programs?
  • Do you have any personal      experiences with diversity and/or cross-cultural training? If so, please      share about your experience(s). If you do not, what reasons do you think      that your past work experiences did not include such activities?
  • How important do you think this      type of training is for you personally? What areas do you feel would be      crucial for you to personally develop?

Your initial post should be between 350 and 400 words.





Assignment 2

To be effective, a company must learn to motivate its employees to efficiently and effectively meet the goals of the organization. After reading Chapter 6 in your text, the article “Person-Organization Fit, Family Supportive Organization Perceptions,” and watching the required videos, discuss the following:

  • Explain the difference between      content theories of motivation and process theories of motivation. Why is      it important to understand the differences?
  • Explain, in your own words      (using citations), why motivation is suggested to affect individual      performance and organizational outcomes.
  • Propose at least three      strategies to motivate others in the workplace. Include an explanation of      the theories that support our suggestions about why these would be      productive options.
  • Note that extrinsic and       intrinsic motivation are types of motivation and should not be presented       as theories, but as variables within a theory.
  • Lastly, the text suggests that      pay is not usually the driving factor in job satisfaction, but can prevent      job dissatisfaction. Based on your reading this week, analyze and explain      why you think this is and discuss the pros and cons of using financial      incentives in the workplace that are discussed in your text?

Your initial post should be between 300 and 400 words.

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