10 IT Management Certifications For IT Leaders

The IT department is now the most demanding field that one can opt for a job. With the growth of digital marketing, IT professionals now have well-established importance. With the development of technology, job and career options are too rising and reaching their highest aims. This has lead to a serious crisis that is spreading widely among the new generation who have started to lack the new job opportunities as they did not know about this field. Nowadays, people who opt for science and technology as their mainstream career option are succeeding comparatively less than those who have the particular certifications attached to their careers. Project management is such a career opportunity that can be achieved through Certification. There is various Certification in the project management sector, which is of great value and helps the candidates to achieve better job facilities. The listed below are the top 10 IT Management certification that is highly needed by the IT professionals and also includes the TOGAF certification, which is used in the Enterprise architecture field.

Top 10 IT Management Certification

1. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAMP)

This is a certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). The CAMP certification is used to demonstrate the ability which has the responsibility needed for managing a product or service’s life cycle. This is an entry level examination. The PMP examination needs extensive experience and has a background in Project Management. This particular Certification expires in 5 years.

2. Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)

It is claimed by the ISACA that the professionals with CGEIT Certification are among the highest. They are capable of dealing with any security threats. This is a well-versed certification with the requirements needed for IT governance. An experience of 5 years in the IT governance or management is mandatory for qualifying the examination. This Certification expires in every three years.

3. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

The CSM Certification is designed by the Scrum Alliance, which helps the Scrum team to work in an efficient manner. This is responsible enough to lead the team, limit the distraction, and work across the team to keep the project on track. This requires both the hard and soft skills for the IT manager to manage the projects as well as the team in an effective manner. This expires within two years.

4. Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

The CISSP certification is used to demonstrate the knowledge and abilities around the IT security and assurance if the information. This covers the high-level topics like the structure of the organization, risk management, monitoring, and assigning of the deliverables and management of the large complex scope project. This Certification expires in 3 years.

5. COBIT 5 Foundation Certification

The foundation and implementation of the exam help in demonstrating the abilities to understand the challenges of the IT sector. The COBIT helps to fix the organization and process the problems. This Certification is offered by many various management organizations. This doesn’t expire.

6. CompTIA Project+

This is a high-level examination. This Certification is designed for professionals who are destined to manage a small, less complex project as a part of their job duty. This is one of the versatile Certifications. This usually covers various methodologies, structures, and management concepts.

7. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

It is a framework from Axelos. The organization subscribes with its methodologies that the Certification will help in proving the experience of ITIL. This is a great certification for all the level managers. This focuses heavily on the implementation of management strategies to improve the efficiency of the team and process it in the organization. The prices may vary within the company or the training providers.

8. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI ACP)

This is used to demonstrate the ability to work on an agile team. This Certification covers Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme programming (XP), and test-driven development. One needs to have an experience of uninterrupted 2000 hours of Project Management Experience. This Certification expires in 3 years.

9. Lean Six Sigma Certification

This has five levels of Certification within the methodology of Six Sigma, starting from the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to the black belt. This is a mentorship and training program. Each level of this Certification teaches their low-level trainees of the Six Sigma Certification. This is offered through an organization or a 3rd party authorization, so the prices may vary. This Certification also doesn’t expire.

10. TOGAF 9 Certification

This is a standard certification that is developed by the Open Group for the management of Enterprise Architecture. This is designed to judge the common knowledge about the methodology and framework, which is the core element. This is mainly focused on the Enterprise Architecture and alignment of IT goals with business goals too. This is used for the demonstration of the capabilities within the communication of cross-departmental and IT goals. The TOGAF 9 Certification doesn’t expire as well.

These are among the top certifications that are used by the IT leaders in the IT Management field.

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