11.1: Swing

Paper instructions:


Please finish part1 and part2


1. Please following the questions for writing. (Read the classmate’s work below as an example)


Fragonard’s Swing

Macintosh HD:Users:apple:Desktop:Fragonard, The Swing.jpg

What’s going on in Fragonard’s painting The Swing?


Describe the subject matter and mood.


How does this image depart from the type of subject matter and stylistic characteristics we have seen in earlier artistic movements such as the Renaissance and Baroque?



2. Also please response to the classmate’s work and give a comment around 75 words. (Agree of disagree, why)


This composition, “The Swing” depicts the story and truth about love. The lady is the main subject in this composition as she is the one that has to decide who to go with. There are two men in this composition, one behind her fading away and one in front of her, highlighted by the sun. This shows that there are two sides to love; the good and the bad, but it is up to you to pick which way to go. The swing is heading towards the man in the sun, meaning she’s picking the good side of those. Surrounding this lady are cupids, waiting around to see which man she picks and who she wishes to follow.


This composition uses many of the Rococo elements such as a pastel palette, delicate forms, lyrical compositions and a light theme of pleasure set in nature. When I look at this composition, I feel a sense of grace and purity. I think it also lights up the forest behind her to show the viewer that everything around us is beautiful if we actually take the time to enjoy our surroundings. The pastel palette creates a sense of depth and perspective in the artwork.


The Renaissance artists used more of a primary colour palette. Baroque artists used a dark palette along with dramatic and theatrical lighting to create a sense of realism and Baroque in Holland and France used securalised subjects, such as gnre scenes and still life. Rococo uses a pastel palette and follows the themes of pleasure and fantasy.

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