150 Words Each Due 2 Hours Week 3 | Discussion – Evaluating A Speech Using A Rubric

Week 3 | Discussion – Evaluating A Speech Using A Rubric

by Danielle Jones  Sunday, November 15, 2020, 7:24 PM

How To Deal With Presentation Stress



Organization 28

She organized her materials which coincided with her examples and overall presentation.

Language 20

Appropriate language was utilized.  She used great examples that supported her presentation

Central Message 20

Her message as clear and concise with supportive research

Delivery 50

The presenter displayed great posture, and reinforced her points repeatedly with eye contact, body language, hand gestures and comfortable appearance

Audience N/A

Supporting Material 18

The speaker discussed various supporting materials but only referenced Amy Cuddy when speaking.  At the end of the video, She did not present a reference page.

I had the pleasure of viewing an informative speech about overcoming stress during a presentation.  The speaker gave valuable insight into the world of speaking by comparing experienced speakers to inexperienced  speakers.  She simply states that both speakers are nervous while speaking, but experience speakers have learned to deal with their nerves.  She verbally demonstrates tools that are effective in dealing with nerves while speaking.  According to the speaker, engaging one viewer at a time, and  strong posture are ways to protect yourself during a speech.  These acts of protection are ways to build confidence and minimize stress.   She mentioned Amy Cuddy as a source of support for her points and referred viewers to her website. Her display of non- verbal communication by use of hand gestures, eye contact, and body language made her appear confident and relaxed during her presentation.  Her use of these forms of communication supported her speech through her actions.  She used the tools that she  recommended to present herself as a very experienced speaker.  Her speech was effective and informative. I was able to study her use of non-verbal communication and I hope these new tools will help me overcome nerves while publicly speaking.

Week 3 | Discussion – Evaluating A Speech Using A Rubric

by Jennifer Sanchez  Sunday, November 15, 2020, 8:05 PMWhy should school start a later time for teens – by Wendy Troxel
RubricOrganization- 30 She was very organized and stayed on the topic
Language- 20 She used appropriate language for the audience
Central Message- 30Her message was clear and she used explanations
Delivery- 50She kept great eye contact with the audience used expressions with confidence
Audience- 50Audience was more than the minimum of 8 before and after speech
Supporting material- 20She used great explanations and examples to support her speech topic
I watched and evaluated a speech given by Wendy Troxel on a Ted Talk from 2017. The title of this speech is, “Why should school start a later time for teens.” I found this speech to be persuasive and informative. The speaker is a sleep researchers who is seeking to have school districts push their start times for after 8:30 am. She gave plenty of medical based research discoveries and gave substantial evidence of consequences of sleep deprivation.

She states that a teenager needs 8-10 hours of sleep. If a teenager is woken up before his sleep cycle, it delays on its biological clock. The sleep cycle helps in learning, memory and emotional processing. If this is interrupted, teenager suffer of depression, moodiness, and signs that mimic ADHD.

Wendy’s research states that teenager experience a delay in their biological clock during their teenage years. Teenager don’t start to release melatonin, a hormone that aids in sleep until 11 pm, which is 2 hours later than a regular adult. If a teenager is woken at 6am is like waking an adult at 4am. This affects the brain development in a part of the brain with higher thinking which is in charge of reasoning, problem solving and good judgement.

She continues to support her speech by using statistics. She states that based on a LAUSD study, teenager with sleep deprivation are 55% more likely to have used alcohol in the past month. Also for each hour of sleep lost, they found a 38% increase of teenage feeling sad and hopeless. 58% increase in teen suicide, obesity, heart disease and teenage related car accidents.

She then supports her evidence by explaining how some districts have began to push school start times to a later time and have found a 25% decrease in absences, 2% improved test scores, 70% decrease in teenage related car accidents and an improvement in mental/physical health.

I enjoyed this speech and I never thought about how student could be affected by early start times. She changed the way i thought about this topic and was very persuasive. She used plenty of supporting evidence and was very knowledgeable about the topic. The speaker had good eye contact and looked confident. She used proper hand gestures, used her personal experience as a topic opener and performance was effective.

As i watched this speech, I realized I have a lot to learn when it comes to giving speeches. I need to be more confident and clear. I tend to get nervous and my thoughts tend to go all over the place. This class will help me practice and get over these defects

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