3 Discussions Mental Illness & Mental Disorders [WLO: 2] [CLOs: 2, 4]

due in 24 hours


Mental Illness & Mental Disorders [WLO: 2]   [CLOs: 2, 4]

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 8 in the assigned text and refer to Mental Disorders (Links to an external site.).

Select any specific mental illness from Chapter 8 of your text.

· Summarize the mental illness into a paragraph.

· Research the possible causes of the illness, who is at risk, the symptoms, and some of the available treatments and therapies. Explain to the class in two to three paragraphs.

· Continue to teach the class by training them how they could each, as human services professionals, work with an individual diagnosed with this mental illness as part of a broader treatment plan.

· Your initial post should be at least 350 words in length.


· Human   Services in the School [WLOs: 2, 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4]

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 11. Identify and discuss one psychosocial issue in a school setting, which could create a barrier to learning (e.g., bullying, substance abuse, homelessness, poverty, ADHD, conduct issues, spectrum disorders, poor health, domestic violence and abuse in the home, a parent or parents with addiction, etc.). In your discussion, address whether the school social worker, the school counselor, or the school psychologist would be the best professional to address this issue, or whether the services of all three would be required, and why. What external services might be recommended or even enforced? Your initial response should be at least 350 words in length.


Serving Rural Communities [WLO: 5] [CLOs: 1,   2, 3, 4]

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 14: Rural Human Services in our required text. As you know from the reading, you are aware that there is a shortage of human service professionals in communities that are considered rural. Select a specific rural community in the United States. Determine the needs of this population and what makes their needs different from other or urban community needs. Discuss what you would need to know in order to successfully work with rural populations. Ask your peers for help finding you additional innovative resources intended to help bridge the gap for rural communities.


Martin, M. E. (2018). Introduction to human services: Through the eyes of practice settings (4th ed.). Pearson.

· The full-text version of this ebook is available through your online classroom through the VitalSource platform.


· Hill, D., & Mrug, S. (2015). School-level correlates of adolescent tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana useSubstance Use & Misuse, 50(12), 1518–1528. https://doi.org/10.3109/10826084.2015.1023449

· Kumar, R., O’Malley, P., Johnston, L., & Laetz, V. (2013). Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use prevention programs in U.S. schools: A descriptive summaryPrevention Science, 14(6), 581–592. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11121-012-0340-z

· LoPatin-Lummis, N. (2010). Protesting about pauperism: Poverty, politics and poor relief in late-Victorian England, 1870-1900 [Review of the book Protesting about pauperism: Poverty, politics and poor relief in late-Victorian England, 1870-1900, by E. T. Hurren]. Journal of Social History, 43(4), 1082–1084. https://doi.org/10.1353/jsh.0.0327

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· Puterbaugh, D. (2015, May 28). Self-care in the world of empirically supported treatments (Links to an external site.)Counseling Today. http://ct.counseling.org/2015/05/self-care-in-the-world-of-empirically-supported-treatments/

· Yaffe, D. (2019, June). Sobriety studies: Recovery high schools show success in helping students overcome substance abuseDistrict Administration, 55(6), 24–27.


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· Wineburg, B. [Bob Wineburg]. (2008, November 10). Faith based initiative /social service research part 2 (Links to an external site.) [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/k7b-oi7PYYI

Web Pages

· National Organization for Human Services. (n.d.). HS-BCP credential (Links to an external site.). https://www.nationalhumanservices.org/certification

· U.S. National Library of Medicine. (n.d.). Mental disorders (Links to an external site.). MedlinePlus. https://medlineplus.gov/mentaldisorders.html

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