GIS homework on the ArcGIS online

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Here is the HW on the ArcGIS online and do the work. Click on the blue link and it will tell you the instruction for each step and please safe the work when you done. Should be safe on my account.

Get Started with GIS with these 17 free lessons! Fundamentals of GIS Lesson #1 Get Started with ArcGIS Online (45 min) Create a map Identify spatial patterns Create an app Create a map showing evacuation routes in Houston. Use smart mapping and pop-ups to determine areas with low vehicle ownership. Configure a web app to share your findings with others. 10 minutes 20 minutes 15 minutes Lesson #2 Get Started with Story Maps (2 hrs.) Create a Story Map Tour Re-create a Story Map Tour of a famous Los Angeles beach or make your own tour. Create a Story Map Cascade Build a Story Map Cascade that guides visitors around some of San Diego’s most iconic landmarks. Create a Story Map Journal Build a Story Map Journal that introduces visitors to San Diego with maps and images. Morgan State University Civil Engineering Program Text Systems – Professor T. Griffin Fundamentals of Geographic Information 60 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes …

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