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you have been hired as the chief operating officer of a multi-hospital health care system. The CEO approaches you in your new role and asks you to do an analysis of factors affecting the total costs of hospitals in your region.

In this unit, we will begin our analysis of the data set. Analysis of the dataset is the first step in any statistical analysis. In this first step, you must examine the data for abnormalities such as missing data and outliers. If you are conducting a parametric test such as ANOVA, t-test, or regression, the variables in the analysis should all be evenly distributed (that is, the variables when displaced graphically should be as close to a normal bell curve as possible).

For the week 8 assignment, you will do a univariate analysis on all the variables in the given Excel file. This analysis will include, for each variable, the following:

1.An assessment of mean, mode, median, standard deviation.

2.Any missing data and an application of a decision rule to that missing data. Discuss your decision and explain your change, if any.

3.A frequency graph (histogram or bar graph) for each variable. Is the data skewed, kurtotic, or normally distributed for each variable? Explain how each variable will contribute to the regression equation if it is heavily skewed or kurtotic.

It might be helpful to make a table where each variable’s individual properties can be addressed. Each variable must be painstakingly discussed and addressed.



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