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PSY 255 Personality Psychology

Comparison of Theorist

Directions: Complete the following chart. Use APA in-text citations including page numbers if available.

Theorist Core Tendency (Summarize each theory in one to two sentences) Core Characteristic (Most important concepts in the theory) Development

(What do they say about how the person develops in stages or otherwise) Periphery

(Those who have gone through the stages, what would they look like as an adult)

(Example) Fromm The attempt to express one’s human nature (Maddi, 1972) Needs for relatedness (to be in contact with people), transcendence (to be separate from other people and things), rootedness (to have a sense of belongingness), identity (to know who and what one is), and frame of reference (to have a stable way of perceiving and comprehending the world (Maddi, 1972) Three types of relationships between parent and child: 1) symbiotic relatedness (the people are related, but never attain independence), 2) withdrawal-destructiveness (there is a negative relatedness and indifference), and 3) love (there is mutual respect, support, and appreciation (Maddi, 1972) 1)The Receptive Orientation (child is the passive party in a symbiotic relationship)

2)The Exploitative Orientation (the child is the dominant party in a symbiotic relationship)

3)The Hoarding Orientation (the child is reacting to parental withdrawal)

4)The Marketing Orientation (the child is reacting to parental destructiveness)

5) The Productive Orientation (the child received love from parents).








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