A+ work

A coin with a heads & tails side is flipped three times. What is the probability that the order of results is heads, tails & heads?

There are 100 students in 11th grade at John D’Obryant School of Math & Science in Boston. 60 like Basketball and 70 like tennis and 10 play on Varsity teams. All of them like at least one sport. How many like both Tennis and Basketball?

Tech Inc has 400 employees. 256 are experts in Excel, 100 employees are experts in SQL and 60 employees are experts in neither. Tech Inc also has 30 employees who are experts in R. How many employees are experts in both Excel and SQL?

A card is drawn randomly from a deck of ordinary playing cards. You win if the card is a spade or an ace. What is the probability that you will win the game?

The graph on the left shows a normal distribution. What would a normal distribution with the same mean but a larger standard deviation look like? Describe the width, peak and shape of the distribution.

The graph on the left shows the relationship between displacement and time for a bungee jumper. Between which times is the bungee jumper’s speed increasing, constant and decreasing?

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