Above And Below The Sea


What is the treasure in the shipwreck? To find the treasure, use your picture from the front side to answer the questions below. You must write the absolute value expression used for each problem and write the letters in the spaces that represent the correct answers.

1. How many meters from the cliff to the shipwreck? ____(O)

2. How many meters from the whale to the submarine? ____(S)

3. How many meters from the airplane to the boat? ____(A)

4. How many meters from the fish to the whale? ____(E)

5. Which is farther from the submarine, the fish or the

whale? How far is it from the submarine? ____(I)

6. Which is closer to the shipwreck, the fish or the

underwater diver? How many meters is it from the shipwreck? ____(L)

7. The whale swims to sea level and then swims to the

shipwreck. How far does he swim in all? ____(R)

8. The submarine rises to sea level and then dives to the

bottom of the sea. How far does the submarine travel

in all? ____(P)

9. The boat springs a leak and sinks to the bottom of the

sea. How many meters did it sink? ____(M)

10. The underwater diver wants to reach the submarine,

how much farther does he need to swim? ____(N)

11. A man makes 3 trips from the boat (before it

sinks) to the shipwreck. How many meters will he

travel? ____(D)

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

540 50 70 90 170 40 540 20 70 40 540

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

160 30 70 140 60 20

ABOVE AND BELOW SEA LEVEL Name_____________________

In the space below, draw the following and then answer the questions on the other side of the page to discover the shipwrecks treasure.

Draw a wavy line for sea level, a cliff with a height of +80 meters, a bird at +10 meters, an airplane at +70 meters, a skydiver at +20 meters, a fish at -20 meters, a whale at -50 meters, a shipwreck at -90 meters, an underwater diver at -30 meters, a boat at sea level, and a submarine at -70 meters.










sea level 0










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