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Write an essay that answers the following question. Provide a clear thesis statement, quotations and examples from the novel Disgrace to support your argument, and strong reasons to make your case. WARNING: DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE NOVEL!!! Summarizing the action of the novel is not the work of analysis. I’ve read the novel, so there is no need to summarize. Prolonged description isn’t the work of analysis. Use quotations from the novel to support your analysis. In other words, state your point up front in each paragraph, and use quotations and explanation to support your point. WATCH OUT THAT YOU DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE NOVEL. ( Themes in J.M. Coetzee’s “Disgrace” ) ASSINGMENT: Character Analysis: Does David Lurie change? David Lurie, the central character in the novel Disgrace, experiences some intense and horrifying things throughout. However, the author of the novel purposely creates ambiguity in David Lurie’s character. Your assignment is to analyze the character of David Lurie in light of his relatioships, and decide if there has been a signfiicant change in his personal character. In short, does David Lurie change? FORMAT REQUIREMENTS: Length: 1200–1500 words (4-5 double-spaced pages in 12 point Times New Roman font) MLA Works Cited Page. MLA in-text citation. MLA name format:

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