Analytical Questions

On the website you are able to download textbooks for free. I use the textbook Ways of the World: A Brief Global History with Sources, combined volume. These questions come from chapter 14. The only source needed is the book. 1. Many of the revolutions and movements (France, Haiti, abolition, women’s suffrage,etc) discussed in the chapter influenced the world we live in today, but they also were extremely violent. Using examples from the text, including both patterns of oppression and achievements gained, do you think people were justified in violently rebelling for their goals? 2. Looking at the different strands that influenced the abolition movement in relation to the larger intellectual, political, economic, and cultural context of the time, explain which two you think were most important to bringing about the end of slavery? And did the end of slavery bring to former slaves the freedom and equality that revolutions like France and Haiti fought for?

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