Annotated Bibliography

Utilize the Hunt Library research databases (Links to an external site.) or any comparable research database; select two source documents related to any of the topic options listed below, and write an annotated bibliography for each source document. The two documents do not need to be related to the same topic option. Read each document thoroughly and identify the main issues, evaluate the effectiveness of the topics concerning others, and determine the validity of the conclusions presented by the author. The information you identify, evaluate, and examine will serve as the annotation component of your annotated bibliography.Topic OptionsChoose one of these topics and find two documents about the topic for your annotated bibliography.The Airline’s Role during Tarmac Delays.Wheelchairs, Walkers, and Baby Strollers.Service Animal, Therapy Animal, and Comfort Animal.Acceptable Attire.The Screaming Child.Suspected Communicable Diseases.Over-booking of Passenger Seats.Where’s my Suitcase? Gate-checking bags.The Plus-size Passenger — a Disability?Denied Boarding? When it’s legal and when it Isn’t.Your grade on this assignment is predicated on a compilation of the two reviews; submitting only one review will result in a less than satisfactory grade.Some restrictions to keep in mind are:Source documents must come from peer reviewed scholarly journals, books, book chapters, reports/studies of governments, and other published sources. No Wikipedia, magazines, newspapers, broadcast media outlets, blogs, etc. Corporate documents may be used only if the document is available in the public domain.

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