Annotated Works cited

THIS ASSIGNMENT IS BASED ON THE SAME SHORT STORY THAT YOU ARE DOING A FINAL ANALYSIS ROUGH DRAFT AND A FINAL RESEARCH PAPER YOU ARE DOING FOR ME. (Bartleby the Scrivener.”} Annotated Works Cited (300-500 Words) – Submitted to Canvas The annotated works cited is a list of the two sources that you will use in your final essay. You should format the works cited page in MLA style: Uniform double-spacing throughout. 12-pt. Times New Roman, Calibri, or a similar font. A hanging indent for each citation. The first line of each annotation should be a two-inch margin. “Annotating” your sources means including short descriptions of them after citing the publication information. You should include the following information in each annotation (100-250 words): A brief summary of the argument. A brief explanation of how the argument will be relevant to your essay. You should treat the annotated work cited exactly as you would a works-cited page, but with annotations under each of the citations.

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