Answer Two Of The Following Questions About Agricultural

3. A friend is planning to grow some apple trees. She has been looking through plant catalogs and reads that she can buy apples on a dwarfing or semi-dwarfing rootstock. She has no idea what this means or why she should care about this and comes to you for and explanation. Explain in terms she will clearly understand what these types of root stocks are and why they are important. Finally, give her your best recommendation for what she should purchase.

4. A friend has asked you to look at their plants because they are not growing well. After looking at the plants, you think the problem is related to watering. • Briefly describe what the plants look like. • Next, write the questions you would ask to to get the information that you need to know for sure what is wrong. Write both your questions, and the other person’s answers. (Should be at least 5 questions and answers). • Finally, what do you recommend your friend should do to get their plants growing better?

5. A friend is very interested in starting a container garden this summer. Prepare a “How to Container Garden” outline that you could give to your friend so she will be successful. Be sure to include: • Information about the container(s) she should use • Soil information • Suggested plants to grow or how to decide which plants to grow • Planting tips • Best place to grow a container garden • Maintenance tips • Any other information to make sure your friend is successful

6. Discuss how this quote relates to your experiences in Hort 100 this semester and how it might connect to any further adventures and experiences you might have growing plants in the years ahead. “Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we have been born.” (A. Einstein)

7. Your mom or dad is interested in growing some small fruits / indoor plants / cacti (pick one of these) and wants your advice. Briefly outline the key things he/she will need to be aware of to grow these plants. Also explain when/how you will be available as the “expert” to help them out.

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