Applied Behavior Analysis

– Select 3 peer-reviewed articles from journals in Applied Behavior Anaylisis- Read the abstracts, conclusions and discussions, and a selection of paragraphs from the journals.- Make notes about the style of writing. Is it formal? Is it a narrative? What is the purpose of the text? Who seems to be the audience? How is APA used? How are ideas presented in the text? How long are the paragraphs?- In a short 1–2 page essay, define and describe the writing in the journals. – Examine the structure of your field’s publications and analyze the writing in the journals in connection with your writing in the classroom.Your assignment will be scored on the following criteria:1. Apply information literacy to a specific field of study.2. Select reputable academic sources.3. Summarize the scope, structure, and the main ideas of the sources.4. Compare and contrast publications or writing styles.5. Use proper APA citation and format.

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