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As in yesterday’s discussion, the options here are many. Just make sure you offer a 2-page reading of one or more of any of the songs on good kid, m.A.A.d city, keeping in mind that you will add another two pages to this in the next Reading Response. 1. Start with a one-sentence reading of one of the following: one song, multiple songs, the album, or the artist, following a template such asIn [“Song A,”] about […], Kendrick Lamar suggests [X is Y] since [A] and [B].In [“Song A”] and [“Song B,”] Kendrick Lamar suggests [X is Y] since [A] and [B].In [X album], about […],Kendrick Lamar suggests [X is Y] since [A] and [B].2. Go on to support your reading with illustrative lines that you interpret and analyze.

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