ascribed and achieved status

For this discussion assignment you’ll start by defining ascribed and achieved status. From there, research a celebrity who has gone from “rags to riches”. You’ll share a picture of this celebrity. Next, discuss what their ascribed status is, and then their achieved status. Lastly describe your own ascribed and achieved status. In life, does one affect the other? Why/Why Not? ***ALWAYS USE IN TEXT CITATIONS AND LIST SOURCES FOR ALL OUTSIDE MATERIAL.** Details **Please remember: Our discussions are non-competitive. Be sure to support your classmates and refrain from any negative comments. We’re here to help each other and to have a great learning experience. This will include the following : A definition of Ascribed Status. A definition of Achieved Status A picture of a celebrity that went from rags to riches. Include a brief summary of their story. The ascribed and achieved status of this celebrity Your own ascribed and achieved status . Does ascribed status affect our achieved status? Why/Why not?

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