Asset-Based Map

Exercise in conjunction with the following readings: See module guide: Donald, D., Lazarus, S. & Moolla, N. (2014). Chapter 3, 8 Landsberg, et al. (2019). Chapter 4.3 – 4.4 Tudge, et al. (2009) Drawing up an asset-based map: – Identify the proximal processes which can be characterized as assets or protective factors with a learner in your classroom you are currently supporting. – Group these factors into those that relate to the learner’s family, school, peer group, and the local community in which the learner grows up (interactive contexts, i.e. bioecological perspective). – What are the physical, socio-emotional, and scholastic problems that the learner is experiencing? – Now that you have drawn up an asset-based map, how will it influence the process of support to the relevant learner? – What did you learn from this exercise?

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