Assignment 3 Continuing works 

3 Days

10 pages essay

Continuing works

This assignment has the following deliverables:

  • Revised literature review (max. 7 pages)
  • Methods section including a table and timeline figure (max 10 pages)
  • Revised bibliography (at least five peer-reviewed citations, but more is better; no maximum page limit)

First, revise the literature review, as necessary:

  • All problems identified in the previous version (Assignment # 2) should be corrected.
  • Narrow and focus the research question. Typically, when you start writing out the methodology section, you realize that the scope of the project is too unwieldy.  The solution is to narrow and focus the research question even more than you already have.

Next, add a methodology section.  This section should include the following topics:

  • An explanation of the purpose of the research
  • State and justify the mode of observation
  • Specify the population
  • Specify the sample size
  • Specify and justify the units of analysisand units of observation
  • Choose and justify the sample type and strategy
  • tablethat lists the variables for this study (you will build this out for the final draft)
  • A discussion of eachvariable that describes and justifies:
    • How you are conceptualizing this variable (cite the literature where appropriate)
    • How you are operationalizingthis variable (include scale of measurement). Be sure to discuss validity and reliability strengths and weaknesses here
    • Identifies (where applicable) the independent, dependent, and controlvariables
  • timetable that chronologically lists the tasks comprising the project, the duration, and their contingencies. (To make a more sophisticated timetable, consult your textbook and online resources to create a Gantt Chart. This is not required but might be a desired extra step.)
  • As in Assignment #2, the literature review portion still should be no longer than 7 pages. It should contain at least the same number of peer-reviewed journal articles  if not more (especially if you have found more relevant articles since handing in Assignment # 2). The methods section should also be no longer than 10 pages. In addition, you should have an updated bibliography (which has no page limit).
  • Style Points:
  • Previous grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors or previous versions must be corrected.
  • Use 12pt. standard type font, double spacing, and 1” margins (as before).
  • Headings and subheadings should be used so that the line of argument is clear.
  • Page numbers should be used.  The methods section should follow the literature review.  The table and figure should appear between the methods section and the bibliography.
  • Tables and Figures (the timeline) must be numbered and titled.  The numbers should be referenced in the text when the table or figure is discussed.
  • For this course the TAs, Instructor, and Librarian have agreed on Harvard Style references. This is a very common reference system in the Social Sciences (of which Geography is a part), and reference aides like Zotero and Endnote can easily use it.
  • For specific details see this very useful guide: to an external site.)
  • The content and form of the Bibliography should conform to the style guide. (Do not use et al. in the reference list; spell out each author’s surname and initials.) Follow these guidelines whether or not you found the material online or in hard copy.


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