Assignment # 3- Implicit Association Test

Need 3 pages summary. I already attached those 5 results, Due in 3 hours


Assignment #3 – Implicit Association Test

For this assignment, you will complete several different Implicit Association Tests and provide screen shots of your results (50 points) and write a reflective summary about your results (50 points).

You must complete the following 5 IATs: 1) Race IAT

2) Sexuality IAT

3) Native IAT

4) Age IAT

5) Weapons IAT

Taking and saving your IAT results (50 points): a. Go to the following web site:

b. Read the first page.

c. Click, “I wish to proceed” at the bottom of the page

d. Complete each of the 5 IATs listed above

e. Answer the questions at the end of each IAT

f. Save your results page by taking a screen shot, taking a picture with your phone, or using the Snipping tool to save the results page (Half of the grade is for the attached results).

g. Use the name of the IAT as the name of the saved results page

h. Repeat the above steps for all 5 tests

i. Write up a reflective summary of your results as described below

j. Upload all 5 of your results pages and your reflective summary to the assignment page in Canvas. Reflective Summary (50 points): Your summary must be double-spaced and should be a minimum of 2 pages (good summaries will be 3-7 pages).

In your summary, you should refer to information we learned in the 4 modules that covered topics in social

psychology (Modules 43-46) as well as any other relevant concepts from psychology. Your summary should

include (as the word “summary” indicates) a summary of your results on the IATs you took along with your

thoughts on the following:

 why you got the results you got*  what the tests reveal about your implicit (i.e., unconscious and automatic) attitudes

 how you feel about the results

 the ways your attitudes may have affected your behavior toward others in the past

 how your attitudes and behaviors may have influenced others’ attitudes and behaviors toward you

 whether your results have motivated you to try to change your attitudes and why or why not

*Your explanation MUST NOT say that – OR explain why – your results are wrong NOR that the results are due to something about the test set-up (e.g., switching response hands, was confusing. If that caused certain results, everyone would get the same results)! Instead, use concepts from psychology to explain why you got the results you got. It is important for you to understand why you got these results, especially if you do not consciously have the preferences indicated by the IATs! The concepts we’ve covered will almost certainly provide an understandable reason for your results.

1) The result of Race IAT






2) The result of Weapons IAT



3) The result of Sexuality IAT



4) The result of Native IAT





5) The result of Age IAT

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