Essay #3 Prompt

Hey Guys,
Here is the prompt for Essay #3:

Essay #3 will be based on the novel Slaughterhouse Five and THREE articles: “How America’s Leading Science Fiction Authors Are Shaping Your Future,” “Changing Memories to Treat PTSD,” and one essay or piece of research that YOU must find yourself. I don’t want a google article, so use the Library database.

Slaughterhouse Five
 tells the realistic story of Billy Pilgrim’s World War Two experiences, juxtaposed with the science fiction elements of time-travel and alien abduction. How does Vonnegut use the combination of these two elements to illustrate the effects of war-time trauma on soldiers? How is Billy trying (or not trying) to deal with his trauma? Furthermore, what comment is the novel making on our “choices” as people, or members of our society?

– Answer all questions clearly and directly.

– Use direct quotes from the novel and the three articles
– You may also include personal experience and observations as evidence if they are relevant.

Final Draft Due Tuesday,
November 22, 2016

– 4.5 – pages(1300 words)

– Use proper MLA format
– Include extensive quotes (At least 2 quotes per paragraph) and paraphrases from the three sources
– Include a correctly formatted works cited page


ESSAYS for HW, and for use in Essay #3  RESEARCH MATERIALS

Hey Guys,

Here are a couple of essays that you are going to read over the weekend, annotate, and use as source material as you build your argument for essay #3.

“Changing Memories to Treat PTSD” by Cari Romm

“How Americas Leading Science Fiction Authors are Shaping Your Future” by Eileen Gunn

We’ll talk about them in class a little today, and then I’ll post some discussion questions to help you as you read through the articles.

See you soon!!!



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