Part One: From the videos on Africa
Write five main points for each of the following videos:

“The new scramble for Africa” –

“How Rwanda is Becoming the Singapore of Africa” –

“The Problem with Africa’s Borders” –

“How powerful is South Africa” –

“What’s behind the Egypt-Ethiopia Nile dispute” –

“What’s happening in Ethiopia” –

“Nigerian Oil and the Disappearing Money” –

Part 2: Asia Pacific, China, Japan, South Asia < Austral Realm
After reviewing the video “Is China the next superpower” answer the following questions: What effects does the low standard of living have on the Chinese people? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an export driven economy? In military terms how does China compete with the USA and NATO? Describe the ethnic divisions in China? According to the report why will China not ne the next superpower? –

“Why China and Taiwan hate each other” –

“Why isn’t Tibet free” –

“How China Targets Muslims for ‘Re-Educating Camps- and Spies on Their Families” –

How powerful is Vietnam? –

Geopolitics of Japan –

How powerful is India? –

According to the video “What is lifelike in North Korea”? Describe the realities of the people of North Korea? –

“What is the Belt and Road Initiative” –

“Geopolitics of Australia” –

“Geopolitics of the Artic” –




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