Week-8 Ethics

This week, take time to review Standard 5: Advertising and Other Public Statements of the APA Code of Ethics, located under your weekly resources. When you have completed this review, draft a scenario that you can use as part of your Signature Assignment, which is due in Week 12. Remember, you will present your list of scenarios to your instructor for review in Week 9.


This week, your task is to debate to what extent psychologists should advertise their services.

The APA clearly outlines expectations and guidelines for advertising psychological services. Furthermore, there are also legal requirements for advertising professional services, depending on jurisdiction, that require truth in advertising. Consider that advertising generally is considered to be persuasive communication distributed via mail, email, radio, television, magazines, directories (including phonebooks), business cards, signs, Internet, and other electronic communication (including Twitter).

Begin by locating a website for a counseling service.

Next, review and address the following questions:

· Is the domain name professional? Why or why not.

· Does the website indicate the individual(s) credentials such as education, experience, certifications, and licenses? How does this meet the requirements for your state?

· Are there any links to social media such as Facebook or Twitter?

Then, address the following question:

· Should clients be allowed to become friends and fans on Facebook, and followers on Twitter? Explain possible pitfalls if you agree with this policy. If not, suggest a policy statement that explains to clients why the psychologist does not engage in social media activities with clients.

Finally, prepare a checklist that a psychologist could use to assess whether the information provided fits the APA criteria for advertising psychological services. Remember to include the URL for the service you analyzed.

Length: 3-4 pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to the topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be careful to adhere to Northcentral’s Academic Integrity Policy

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