1. Define the following Key Terms:
    • Chapter 7: prison classification, inmate code, prisonization, prison culture, prison gang, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), protective custody.
    • Chapter 8: butch, femme, fictive families, the mix, Human Rights Watch
    • Chapter 9: case law, habeas corpus, hands-off doctrine, Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA), First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Eighth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, Innocence Projects, corrections ombudsman.
  2. Complete the following Critical Thinking Questions for Chapter 7:

     Question 1: You are the warden of a correctional facility that has extremely high rates of violence among racial and ethnic groups. What will your strategy be for diffusing the racial and ethnic tension?

    Question 3: What causes prison riots and inmate violence? What can a prison administrator do to reduce violence?

    Question 4: Is it possible to communicate and to develop a relationship with prison gang members? What would be the purpose of such a relationship?

    Question 5: Why do you think there is so much contraband in prison? What can be done to restrict its availability?

  3. Complete the following Critical Thinking Questions for Chapter 8:

    Question 1: Why do you think that women are involved in more drug-related crimes now than in the past?

    Question 2: The typical female offender has children. How does motherhood affect her doing time?

    Question 3: “Women’s inmate society establishes a substitute group in which women can identify or construct family patterns similar to those in the free world.” Describe the family structure in a women’s prison.

    Question 5: How do the subcultures of men’s and women’s prisons differ?

    Question 6: Do you support a separate but equal women’s criminal justice system? Why or why not?

  4. Complete the following Critical Thinking Questions for Chapter 9:

    Question 2: Summarize the most important cases establishing the hands-off doctrine.

    Question 3: Why is the right to due process so difficult to disentangle from institutional priorities?

    Question 4: What led to the hands-off doctrine of the courts?

    Question 5: Why has the implementation of prisoners’ rights been so difficult for the courts?


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