Atmosphere, Co2, 1 Side Page Only

Material Source:

Content Here are some of the main points to think about while you read about carbon dioxide and to consider discussing in your report:

Is global warming and climate change something you know a lot or not so much about?  How important a topic is it to you? Why is the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide a concern (CO2 is not generally considered to be toxic and is only the 5th most abundant gas in the atmosphere)? Is the atmospheric greenhouse effect a good thing, bad thing, or a little of both? What changes have there been in atmospheric CO2 concentration during the past few hundred years? What natural and anthropogenic processes add CO2 to and remove CO2 from the air? How do the amounts of CO2 added to or removed from the atmosphere by human activities compare to those of nature? The concentration of CO2 is currently increasing.  How much more is it predicted to increase by the end of this century? What things can we do as individuals to reduce our “carbon footprint?”

Just as with the Causes of the Seasons topic, there is a fairly large amount of information to cover in a 1-side-of-1-page (double spaced) report.  I would suggest first creating an outline of the topic.  Identify the main points you want to include in your report so that you can decide how much space you will be able to devote to each.  Then write your report.


Writing Quality Here are some things you can do to maximize your chances of earning a high writing quality grade:

Explain the material in your own words – your report should be your understanding and explanation of the material.  Avoid generalities, try to include specific details and examples from the reading section.  The separate sections or paragraphs of your paper should blend together into one seamless coherent report.  Your report should be nearly free of misspelled words and grammatical errors.  You don’t need to cite the online reference supplied with this topic.  You should cite any additional sources that you use.

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