Benefit Of The Storytelling

1. Answer this question in 1-2 paragraphsPost here your thoughts on “The Yellow Wallpaper”Important question:  Why this format?  Why a journal?  How does this format benefit the storytelling?  What kinds of things do we not know about the characters, because of this format?What are your thoughts on John?  Remember, this was 100 years ago, and the relationship between husband and wife is not what it is today.  2.Reply to this post in 1 paragraphAfter reading Yellow Wallpaper by Gilman I can understand why she would write this in a journal format. For starters in the beginning of the story she suffers from depression and she would write al lot to express herself about her life , her husband john or in this case the yellow wallpaper.   As we read on she states, ” for the first time in two weeks she starts aggressively writing ” showcasing her feelings about the room with yellow wall paper and about john. This benefit’s her story telling by understanding that this is from her point of view. We can hear and see her thoughts being expressed about her emotions towards the room. I wonder besides her depression is she affceted by any other mental disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  because she cant stand the yellow wall paper and repair it by taking it down ?3.answer this question in 1-2nparagraphPost your comments on “Reply All” here. This story was written in the early years of the 21st century, as we transitioned into a culture of people who live their lives more publicly than previously, and in more frequent and common communication.In choosing the Epistolary format for his story, Hemley has made the medium the message.  Anybody care to venture an interpretation as to what I mean by that?I also include this story just because I think it is fun.4. reply this post in 1 paragraphAfter reading this story I thought this had an  episodic plot because I feel like especially with the modern film media it , stories like this can can happen with episodic plots. I also thought this was funny transaction between Michael, Darcy and their coworkers from what was interesting encounter. As an artist i always think of medium as the material i use to create something. In the case of Henmey choosing Epistolary format for his story he uses the medium of emailed conversations to play out in this story of coworkers staying professional yet has a few breaks in between because of Michael . If that makes sense

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