Biomedical Research Report

You will be writing a  research report about the lecture ( about an article of Dr. Francis on the website). The website is: you MUST use THREE sources. tTwo of them can be any outside academic source, but it MUSt be about Dr. Francis article. 1) You will do some literature search about a topic in the speaker’s talk ( it is about the papers that I attached) and you will write a report.  2) Write-up body will be 1 page. Any tables, figures will be in the other page.  3) You should use at least 3 references for this write-up, number them and write those numbers in text, next to the information they belong to. 4) “References” section will be in a different page than the tables and figures.  5) Report will be written with single-spaced format and with font 12. ** Please use simple words. It MUST be one FULL single spaced page ( More is fine and appreciated). Please NUMBER the references and use them.

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