Both Citizen Kane and Red River are iconic genre movies within the “ Classical Hollywood Style” of film making.

Discussion Assignment

What do I need to do?

  1. Respond in minimum 300 words to the discussion question provided. (Please note: part of your mark in this section is based on posting your initial response early throughout the week so as to give time for others to respond.)
  2. Read through what other students have written in the discussion forum
  3. Respond to a minimum of 2 students (each response should be a minimum of 100 words). Your responses should add to the conversation. You are expected to add comments that continue or add new thoughts to get students reflecting on your response. You are not simply saying “great work”.
  4. Please see rubric for how you are being marked for the discussion post

Discussion Question

Both Citizen Kane and Red River are iconic genre movies within the “ Classical Hollywood Style” of film making. According to the American Film Institute, “During Hollywood’s classical period, a particular type of storytelling was favored. It championed narrative economy and a seamless style. In other words, films were constructed so that the viewer was not aware of the construction. This practice of effacing a film’s construction actually depends on a complex system of visual codes, a visual syntax still taught in film schools.” This classical Hollywood style emphasizes a linear narrative and a technical structure that allows the viewer to easily interpret that narrative.

For this  discussion please read the powerpoint provided titled “Classical Hollywood Style” (as well search some of the typical elements for more insight: “180 degree rule” “coverage” etc) and then address the following question in your discussion

PART A) Explain how story telling has been enhanced through the use of these new editing techniques. Here you are expected to compare and contrast the module 1 and module 2 films.

PART B) Identify two components of the “Classical Hollywood” style. Now illustrate each of your chosen (favourite) two styles with an example from Red River and another but related example from Citizen Kane (you will be identifying four examples in all). You should define each component and explain how your examples enhance the viewers understanding of the film.

How am I being evaluated?

CRITERIA 3 Points 2 Point 1 Point 0 Points
Quantity and Timeliness Submits one initial response early in the session and exceeds two  thoughtful peer responses

Initial Post exceeds 300 words

Submits initial post early in the session and two peer responses


Initial Post is 250-300 words

Does not submit at least one initial response early in the session and/or does not submit at least two peer responses.

Initial Post is less than 250 words

Not submitted early in the session and no responses to peers


Initial post is less than 150 words

Mechanics and APA Submits posts that contain grammatically correct sentences without any spelling errors.

Cites information using correct APA

 Submits posts that contain 2-3 grammatical or spelling errors.

Cites information but with some errors in APA

Submits posts that have more than 3 errors in spelling and grammar.

Many errors in APA

Submits posts with more than 5 errors

Information is not cited.

Critical Analysis Discussion posts display an excellent understanding of required readings and underlying concepts including correct use of terminology.

Post addresses all required elements in the assignment.

Discussion posts display an understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts. Discussion posts repeat and summarize basic, correct, information, but does not provide connections between ideas.


Does not address all required elements in the sometime

Discussion posts show little or no evidence that readings were completed or understood. Postings are largely personal opinions or feelings, or “I agree”, “great idea”, etc.



Does not address all required elements in the assignment.

Peer Responsiveness Demonstrates an exceptional ability to analyze and synthesize student work, asks meaningful extending questions or counterarguments. Demonstrates a good ability to analyze other student work, and ask meaningful extending questions or counterarguments. Some ability to meaningfully comment on other student work. Poor ability to comment on other student work, asks no meaningful questions or thoughts.
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