Briefing a Case

To answer some of your burning questions about how in the world you will brief a court case…I have attached a document titled How to brief a case. As you read this document you will discover that there are two types of court briefs, Appellate brief and Student brief. You will follow the student brief outline to complete your assignment. I have provided a sample brief from a previous semester as an example of how to complete this assignment. In addition, I have provided a document that provides some examples of where to find court cases. While you may use Wikipedia as a place to locate much information, I would not use it as a reference source for your research on the court cases. One other note, from my understanding, is that the first name/entity that is listed in a court case is the last one that has filed with the court. There are some cases as you research a case the order in which the names are listed are changed. One example of this is Bell v. Lone Oak Independent School District and other times you will find it listed as Lone Oak Independent School District v. Bell. One of our adjunct professors had personal dealings with this case. If you have time, look up the outcome of this case; the results changed extracurricular district rules across the State of Texas that are still present today. For this assignment, everyone will brief Brown vs Board of Education (US Supreme Court, 1954)

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