Discuss the following questions/topics using the textbook and additional research. Your answers must include 2 sources other than the textbook, 1 biblical integration, and be in APA format, a title page and abstract are not required.

1. Discuss the Williams Act and the implications it places on mergers and acquisitions.

2. Describe and discuss why the time period of a commencement offer is crucial in an offer.


3. Discuss the implications of Wellman v. Dickinson in the U. S. District Court for mergers and acquisitions.


4. Choose two of the U. S. State Corporation laws defined in your text. What implications do these laws or legal principles create for the buyer and seller?


5. Why are state antitakeover laws important? Who are these laws designed to protect?


6. Discuss SEC Rule 10b-5. How does this rule protect shareholders who incur losses?


7. The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 provides the foundation of antitrust law. Discuss at least two of the other Acts that pertain to antitrust.


8. Acquisition is a popular growth strategy, why?


9. How does the synergistic effect influence mergers and acquisitions?


10. Discuss diversification as it relates and drives corporate strategy.