Goods and Services Combined. Allied Shelving and Equipment, Inc., sells and installs shelving systems. National Deli, LLC, contracted with Allied to provide and install a parallel rack

system (a series of large shelves) in National’s warehouse. Both parties were dissatisfied with the result. National filed a suit in a Florida state court against Allied, which filed a counterclaim. Each contended that the other had materially breached the con- tract. The court applied common law contract principles to rule in National’s favor on both claims. Allied appealed, arguing that the court should have applied the UCC.

1-) When does a court apply common law principles to a contract that involves both goods and services?

2-) In this case, why might an appellate court rule that the UCC should be applied instead? Explain.

[Allied Shelving and Equipment, Inc. v. National Deli, LLC, 154 So.3d 482 (Fla.App. 2015)] (See The Scope of Articles 2 and 2A.)