Class Exercise – Module 8 (Banking and Finance)

1. Hilary bought jewelry at the request of her elderly mother, using her own credit card. Her mother issued a cheque to Hilary for the cost of the jewelry, $225. Hilary owed $225. to her neighbour, Jim Butler. Hilary signed the back of the cheque with her name and gave it to Butler to satisfy her debt to him. Butler lost the cheque.

a. What should Butler do? Explain why.

b. What should Hilary or her mother do?

2. After running a successful small lumber yard business for 22 years, Owen, the president of Owen Lumber Ltd., just received the latest financial statements from the accountants which reveal a serious downturn in revenues as a result of the collapse of the lumber industry in BC. The company has been sued by several of its creditors.

What options are open to Owen?

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