Business Law MCQs And Short Answer Question

Ultra Kleen, Inc., operates a chain of laundry establishments throughout the United States. The government entities that are most likely to be involved in regulating the chain’s environmental impact are

Congressional committees.

federal and state administrative agencies.

local chambers of commerce.

local police departments.


Midwest Power Corporation wants to build a nuclear power plant on private land, for which a federal permit is required. For this action, an environmental impact statement is






Causing a discharge of oily waste into the nearby Idle Lake. This activity can result in

a criminal fine or imprisonment only.

a criminal fine, imprisonment, or an injunction only.

a criminal fine, imprisonment, an injunction, or damages.

an injunction only.

Natural Gas Company does not use proper filters on its smokestacks, which consequently pollute the air. Obie, a Natural Gas employee, suffers respiratory illness. To succeed in a suit against Natural Gas on the ground of negligence, Obie must show that he suffers from

a distinct harm separate from that affecting the general public.

a lesser harm than an injunction would impose on Natural Gas.

Natural Gas’s failure to use reasonable care to avert herm to Obie.

the same harm as that affecting the general public.

Roy leaves his Honda sport utility vehicle at Sam’s Auto Service for an oil change. This is a bailment for

neither party’s benefit.

the parties’ mutual benefit.

the sole benefit of the bailee.

the sole benefit of the bailor

Peter is a sailor. One night he encounters a storm on Lake Michigan. Peter survives, but his boat sinks. Peter plans to return to the site of wreck to salvage its equipment and his possessions, but he delays. Meanwhile, Brian, an amateur driver, discovers the wreck and clean of any useful items. Peter learns of Brian’s recovery and files a suit against Brian, claiming that the items are his. Brian responds that the sunken ship was abandoned and therefore he has good title to everything to which he took possession. What is the court likely to rule and why?


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