Business plan development and marketing techniques used/recommended

There are a few works in grad school that I believe would highlight efforts and successes during their learning period. The first evidence would be the honor roll inclusion list for high grades, where I would include scoring a GPA of 3.6. Also, I include certificate of participation and winning, which could be was awarded for public hearing or speaking competition. You can also use an article that you wrote in the school’s magazine as one of the you best materials as an example. All these works accentuate my top learning attainments.Learning outcomes tell what actions an individual takes when learning to achieve obtain the objectives they have set. As an employer, there are results that I consider essential and would look for in an employer’s e-portfolio. First one of the most important outcomes will be the level of knowledge of the applicant. This may be given from his or her educational background and achievements. Another learning outcome will be the adaptability to deal with theoretical or practical issues. Also, I shall look for his or her ability to communicate either orally or in writing, their creativity, and their ability to grasp and analyze details or informationResponse 3:When looking for a potential candidate, a few things I look for are knowledge, capability, and skill level.  The portfolio helps in the identification of education levels and the ability to learn new things.  Knowing most people in college may not have done a project before is not a problem; it is how they present that information.  In a business presentation is a big part of a job, even a horrible idea can be a good one if presented in the right way.  One thing I had to learn when looking for a job is tailoring a resume for the position.  I think the biggest problem is overdoing it and knowing the field and culture. You are applying for it.  I hear people all the time talking about being overqualified for a position and being passed on a job.  Well, don’t tell them.  If you need a job doing while looking for another one, it is not necessary to say to Labor Ready. You have an MBA.  Knowing your qualifications in that scenario involves having the ability to lift, take orders, and show up to work an exhaustive resume will only make you look overqualified. Your boss or manager will think it is a competition for their position.  If someone thinks you are a threat to there job, they will not hire you.  The portfolio is excellent. Like the video discussed, most of us are underpaid, overqualified, etc.  I am both, with a desire for an excellent job like an intern at Microsoft or management for Amazon, or any other position not requiring me to lift or break my back doing jobs non stop.  To get those good jobs, employers willing to pay are looking for diverse candidates.  For the positions I want in Marketing or Management, having a diverse portfolio showing the capability to do any given task is essential.  Team assignments are significant because they show the ability to do a job with multiple people

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