Can new technologies help students?

Can new technologies help students? The technology revolution of the late 20th century and the 21st century have definitely had its share of pros and cons. Technology is praised for so many things such as ease of doing work and at the same time it is blamed for quite a number of things such as contributing to sedentary lifestyles. However, the positive impact has been arguably mostly felt in the education sector.

Before the era of technology, students had to search through the volumes at libraries and mostly unearthed outdated information. However, today, with the click of a mouse, a student can carry out deep updated research that will add to their knowledge and specialized study. Thanks to computers and the internet today, students can access libraries and documents for free or for a small fee. This saves also saves on time.

Can new technologies help students?

Technology is also aiding students to communicate with their professors out of the class as well as with each other without having to meet up. As a result, students can use Skype, messaging apps, email, and discussion forums to schedule their own learning programs and activities, clarify issues and stay up-to-date with their coursework.

Does Using Technology in the Classroom Improve Student Outcomes?

In addition students can use the internet to sign up for some of the numerous online courses to improve their skills or just feed their curiosity and interest. Online courses are often free or offered at a lower cost than their conventional counterparts (Goodman, Melkers & Pallais, 2019). They also cover a wide range of knowledge making it possible for students interested in ca certain topic to educate themselves.


Technology definitely helps students in their research and online classes. Students should however, avoid wasting time playing games and exercise self-discipline when using technology as an education resource.

How Technology Can Support Student Success during COVID-19 | EDUCAUSE


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