Case Study

Case study directions

Regal Carnation Hotel Outline

I.                     Executive Summary
II.                   Problem Statement
a.       In your problem statement, you might consider including a review of the key issues (or categories of key issues), the protagonist, and your root cause analysis (if necessary).
III.                 Root Cause Analysis
a.       Key issue category 1
i.      5 Whys/RCA
b.       Key issue category 2
i.      5 Whys/RCA
c.       Key issue category “n” (if there are “n” categories of key issues)
i.      5 Whys/RCA
IV.                Alternatives – Generate alternatives “mindful” of the root cause
a.       Alternative 1
i.      Critically examine the costs and benefits or the merits of alternative 1
b.       Alternative 2
i.      Critically examine the costs and benefits or the merits of alternative 2
c.       Alternative “n”
i.      Critically examine the costs and benefits or the merits of alternative “n”
d.       Synthesis
V.                  Solution/Recommendation Set – Your solution should be “derived” from an analysis of alternatives
a.       Recommendation 1
b.       Recommendation 2
c.       Recommendation “n”
VI.                Implementation
a.       Implementation consideration 1
b.       Implementation consideration 2
c.       Implementation consideration “n”
VII.               Concluding Statements

Note: Students will be provided a “case coach” and grading rubric to assist in building case study presentations/written analyses. Quality cases are usually in between 6 to 10 pages written, not including visuals such as tables, figures, and graphs. Since cases are self-contained, there is no need for students to use additional research besides information contained in classroom materials. If you do cite the text, case, class materials, etc., please give credit where credit is due by using in-text citations. In this case, you will also have to include a reference page. Please use APA format.

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