Week 3 LAB. Assignment – Case Study 3

Professor:  Joseph O. Esin, FSMA, FWCCRD.

What is a Case Study?

  • The purpose of a case study is to walk the reader through a situation where a problem is presented, background information provided and a description of the solution given, along with how it was derived.
  • A case study can be written to encourage the reader to come up with his or her own solution or to review the solution that was already implemented.
  • The goal of the writer is to give the reader experiences similar to those the writer had as he or she researched the situation presented.
  • How to Write a Case Study
  • Several steps must be taken before actually writing anything:
    • Describe Situation/Problem: Choose the situation on which to write
    • Background: Gather as much information as possible about the situation
    • Background:Analyze all of the elements surrounding the situation
    • Describe the Solution: Determine the final solution implemented
    • Analyze the Results of the Solution: Gather information about why the solution worked or did not work
    • For maximum points, a thorough case analysis thus has several phases; define the problem; list assumptions made; explore alternative solutions including consideration of costs and benefits; develop three alternative action plans; choose one of the plans to implement that can best resolve the issue most appropriately; and design accountability structures and processes to assess the outcomes and ensure the resolution is effective and sustained.


Citation Style

APA style with a cover page is required see

File Formats (Creativity Counts)

A standard research paper format may be used for this; however, for max points, use the latest technological presentation tools or video to present your ideas (PowerPoint, Prezi, iMovie, Adobe Portfolio, Google Drive – Presentation, YouTube, etc.). You are not limited to this list of tools; however, study your desired tool carefully. Make sure that the resulting file is both creative and designed for presentation to a professional audience.

Filename Format:

Case_Study3_YourFirstName_YourLastName (pptx/docx/…extensions vary by chosen tool) see File Formats section below.


Upload the resulting file via the Browse My Computer button for this Assignment.

Case to Analyze

Full Disk Encryption


An organization chief executive officer (CEO) was suspected of fraud, and digital forensic investigators were assigned to acquire a forensic duplicate of his laptop without his knowledge, and his laptop was configured with full disk encryption.


The best option was to shut down the laptop, create a forensic duplicate of the hard drive, and decrypt the hard drive using an administrative decryption key. Notably, investigators had insufficient time for such laid down approach.

Plan of Action

The forensic duplicate of the data must be acquired from the live laptop while the system was left running in the chief executive Officer’s unit. The CEO was called out for an interview germane to the suspected fraud charges. The digital forensic investigators were then, able to interact with the CEO’s laptop, made changes to the system, acquire vital data on the laptop hard drive in an unencrypted format, including deleted data.

Lack of Decorum 

During the acquisition process, digital investigators documented findings and enabled unauthorized access to concluding evidence. It must be recognized and acknowledged that the fundamental principle for handling forensic investigation in the most unstable environment, such as the CEO’s office, is not a smooth sailing event. Also, forensic investigators must be incredibly careful not to violate any laws and give rise to liability.

Answer All Questions (1:1 – 1:6)

Question 1:1 Do you, as an investigator, believe that forensic investigators charged with the case vehemently violated the laws and rise to liability?

Question 1:2 Do you, as an investigator, have confidence and willing to support digital forensic investigator’s conclusive evidence of this case in court?

Scenario: Try extremely hard to make allowances for forensic investigators’ operation in the most uneven crime scene to avoid breaching the fundamental principle of forensic investigation. 

Question 1:3 Provide a comprehensive plan of action to guide digital forensic investigators in an unbalanced crime scene of this nature.

Question 1:4 Do you support the option that digital forensic investigators charged with this case should have obtained extra search warrant?

Question 1:5 Describe the Benefits and Drawbacks of Search Warrant on the organization’s Chief Executive Officer in such a given situation.

Question 1:6 Describe the Benefits and Drawbacks of extra Search Warrant on forensic investigators in the same given situation.


Casey, Eoghan (2011). Digital Evidence and Computer Crime. Elsevier

Science. Kindle Edition; San Diego: CA


Academic Integrity/Plagiarism

At a Christian liberal arts university committed to the pursuit of truth and understanding, any act of academic dishonesty is especially distressing and cannot be tolerated. In general, academic dishonesty involves the abuse and misuse of information or people to gain an undeserved academic advantage or evaluation. The common forms of academic dishonesty include:

  • Cheating – using deception in the taking of tests or the preparation of written work, using unauthorized materials, copying another person’s work with or without consent, or assisting another in such activities.
  • Lying – falsifying, fabricating, or forging information in either written, spoken, or video presentations.
  • Plagiarism—using the published writings, data, interpretations, or ideas of another without proper documentation

Plagiarism includes copying and pasting material from the internet into assignments without properly citing the source of the material.


  1. Use Case Study format to analyze the case. Read carefully, the For maximum points sectionLook at cases from the text of this class for inspiration.
  2. Be sure to address all of the case study elements described herein.
  3. Be sure to state your full name, Teacher Name, Course, and semester on the cover/intro pages/slides.
  4. Show your creativity. How would you solve this particular case?




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