Catastropic Event Response Planning

1.The need for expanded fire and police protection is directly related ____(1)______ distribution. 2.The greatest number of emergency incidents are __(2____. 3.Most often ___(3 (a number))______of agencies is/are involved in the majority of incidents. 4. _____(4 (Percentage or number))____ of emergencies faced today have to deal with fire suppression, apprehension of a suspect, or caring for injured. 5.Early forms of Emergency Management focused on Civilian ___(5)_____. 6.Civilian Defense was focused on the surge in ____(6)_______ rise in economic influence in the Western European Nations. 7.The greatest similarity between the role of a chief of a first responder unit and the role of an Emergency Manager is a duty related to ___(7)_____. 8.The Emergency Manager has focus principally on ____(8)______ for all emergencies. 9.The skill sets of emergency managers have little in common of those with first responders in _____(9)____________(when compared side-by-side). 10. Emergency Managers gain valuable experience as ______(10)_________. 11. The pool of volunteers in organizations has been _____(11)_____ over the past five (5) years. 12. Tactical Operations Chiefs can be describe as, they are there to “_____(12)___ the problem”. 13. Emergency Managers have traditionally come up through the ranks of ___________(13)___________organizations. 14. At last count there are about _____(14)________ college and universities that offer programs in emergency management and related fields. 15. Emergency Planning could include aspects of ____(15)______ issues in Flint, Mi. 16. The (ICS) Incident Command System originated in the field of__(16)___Service. 17. The ICS is a bottom up approach from the tactical people to the ___(17)____. 18. The ICS is a “______(18)_____by objectives” system. 19. The (OSC) Operations Section Chief, in the model, may change based on the type of ___(19)_______. 20. The ___(20)____ would be the person best equipped to “Fix the Problem”. 21. The __(21)______has top jurisdiction over the ICS 22. The ____(22)_____ Officer can protect the OSC from interruptions from information seekers. 23. The Liaison Officer is the point of contact with the __(23)______. 24._____(24)____ is the key to a field, like Emergency Management, becoming a respected discipline. 25. Graduate programs in Emergency Planning are limited to those with some degree or experience in ________(25)________.

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