External link to MT 9

MT 9

Mgt 360 – Managing Cultural Differences and Diversity in a Global Economy Micro-theme #9 (up to 20 points) Dr. Pisani                                                                                                                             Fall 2020   Student Name: ___________________________                                         Date: October 22, 2020   Please answer both of the following questions (and sub-questions, if pertinent) in the space provided below as it pertains to the reading Encountering the Chinese: A Modern Country, An Ancient Culture (3rd […]

External link to Financial Acumen

Financial Acumen

Part 1: Financial Acumen Keeping abreast of the financial measures and metrics employed by a company allows employees to better understand its health and position at any given time. Using Campbellsville University library link or other libraries and the Internet: 1. Review at least three (3) articles on financial acuity. Summarize the articles. Use APA formatting throughout including in-text citations and references. 2. Discuss the […]

External link to Leadership And Change: News Anchor Specialist

Leadership And Change: News Anchor Specialist

News anchor specialist (Job B)- Unveil current event article on a hot topic related to leadership and change. Preferably, the topic will be related to the reading material for the week. Additionally, this role may also choose to discuss an ethical/unethical issue as it pertains to the material discussed in the chapter. The selected topic may come from news articles, news stories, and/or publications that […]

External link to Ethical Principles And Dilemmas

Ethical Principles And Dilemmas

Read the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct and the article “Ethical Dilemmas Encountered by Members of the American Psychological Associations,” which discusses real scenarios of ethical dilemmas. Then, think about two of the scenarios discussed in the article. With these thoughts in mind: By Day 3 Post  your answer to the following: Choose two ethical dilemmas in the article. First, choose one in which you agree with the actions the psychologist took. […]

External link to Essay


Prompts: What is the “forbidden triad”? Have you ever experienced one personally? According to Granovetter, forbidden triads are supposed to be unusual- so in your case, what caused it, and does your experience mean that Granovetter was wrong? In class, we identified a few possible limitations of Milgram’s original study of the small-world problem. If you were to try to replicate this study today, how […]

External link to Quick Answer CDC

Quick Answer CDC

Review the Culture and Health Literacy page on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. Its at the bottom of this post. Discuss your thoughts with the class about the content addressed on the website and answer the following question in 175 to 265 words: How could you use information to communicate cross-culturally as a health care administrator? Read and respond to at least two […]

External link to English 111 – Week 8

English 111 – Week 8

READING FOR THE WEEK  1) Read and annotate: Mike Rose’s “The Politics of Remediation” Chapter 14 in the book and/or using this digital copy to insert comments into isn’t quite the same section as the one in the book):  The Politics of Remediation  (This is a shortened version of what is in Chapter 14). Read more about Mike Rose’s philosophy, check out his blog or Chapter 15 in the book. […]

External link to Literature Review

Literature Review

Question one: Chose a broader research area Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Computer Vision, Computer Networks, Databases…. Find at least five reputed research groups on your chosen research area Scanning through the projects listed on the group, come up with a possible research problem Give details of groups Find at least 2 reputed conferences and 2 reputed journals in the area you prefer to work in […]

External link to Discussion – Leadership And Management

Discussion – Leadership And Management

After completing the reading this week, please review table 1.2 in the text and review the distinction between leadership and management.  Then think about this in regard to how senior leaders versus senior managers lead change in an organization (especially when it comes to technical change in an organization). This week please reflect on these concepts and answer the following questions: When implementing change in […]

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