Cater IS242 Information Systems Assignment 1

Week 1 Planning an IS Project
Determine a business or organization in need of information systems. You’ll be using this concept throughout the course so give it some thought.
In this lab:
1.    Define your business and determine what information systems and personnel will be necessary.
2.    Is this a startup or a business converting to or upgrading its business model and systems?
3.    What types of data do you think will you be working with?
4.    How big a staff do you think will be needed and in what capacity?
5.    What initial security, ethical, or legal concerns might you have?
You can adjust this later but based on this week’s readings, make your best estimate. We’ve briefly touched on many different concepts and will look at them in greater depth later, so don’t worry about knowing everything now. We’ll revise and re-estimate as we go.
Address each of these areas and submit as a Word document and embed any tables, diagrams, or images you may want to include. Be sure to run spellcheck and keep quotes to a minimum with credit given to sources. Include any references used. Submit to dropbox in Blackboard.

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