CE205 – Surveying Leveling (Curvature, Refraction, &Trigonometric)

Surveying Leveling

oll Sprint LTE 8:41 PM 55% • Studypool Inc. C PROBLEMS Asterisks (*) indicate problems that have answers given in Appendix G. 4.1 Define the following leveling terms: (a) vertical control (b) elevation, and (c) vertical datum. 4.2* How far will a horizontal line depart from the Earth’s surface in 1 km? 5 km? 10 km? (Apply both curvature and refraction.) 4.3 Visit the website of the National Geodetic Survey at http://www.ngs.noaa.gov, and obtain a data sheet description of a benchmark in your local area. 4.4 Create plot of the curvature and refraction corrections for sight lines going from 0 ft to 5000 ft in 500-ft increments. <

Surveying Leveling

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