Childhood Obesity

Thesis needs to be improved, also gather more quotations if possible. Revising for organization begins with a simple check to make sure that the paper actually follows the order of the map items. Here are some additional questions to ask yourself as you revise for organization: Are the map sections in the best order? Are the major sections of the paper in the same order as the essay map items? Are the paragraphs within each section in the best order? Does the first sentence in each major section of the paper (I, II, etc.) support the thesis statement by reflecting the key words? 2. Revising for content focuses on the actual ideas and how they have been presented. Questions to ask about paragraph development include the following: Has enough specific information been included in the paragraphs to support each point? Does each piece of information truly support, explain, or clarify the topic sentence of the paragraph? Is the support within each paragraph presented logically? Have I proven the point for both the map section and the thesis’ assertion? Where can long paragraphs (over a page long) be divided? Does the paper include any short paragraphs (just a few sentences)? If so can one paragraph be combined with another, does the paragraph need to be further developed, or should the paragraph simply be removed? Does the information move smoothly from one point to the next? (transitions) Does each paragraph have unity? Re-read each paragraph carefully for this. Does each paragraph contain ONEmain point and is EVERY idea related to proving that point? Does the entire paper have unity? General Typing Instructions Use the following font: Times New Roman 12 Top, bottom, and side margins should be one inch for the entire paper. Justification should be set at left, not at full; this will make the right margin of text uneven but will prevent the words from stretching out across the page. Double space all sections of the paper (outline, text, and works cited page). The first line of all paragraphs should be indented using a standard tab (1/2”). Do not insert additional line spacing between paragraphs.

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