Circumstantial Evidence

Between real, demonstrative, and circumstantial evidence, which type of evidence is the most important type of evidence to successfully prosecute a crime, and which is the least important? Explain your reasoning for choosing each particular type as most important and least important. Grading Rubric Assignment Criteria Proficient Descriptor Points Quality of Initial Response Responds accurately and completely to all parts of the question prompt. Response is logical and thoughtful and connects to key weekly concepts and readings. /24 pts. Response to Peers Responds to a minimum of 2 peers, per the stated guidelines. Analyzes peer responses and advances the discussion by connecting to key concepts, trends, or experiences and presents relevant viewpoints for consideration by peers. /18 pts. References and Support Original and peer responses are supported by relevant readings and other experiences, as applicable to the needs of the question. /6 pts. Participation Timeliness All required responses are posted by stated deadlines, providing adequate time for others to read and respond. Responses to peer posts are distributed throughout the week. /6 pts. Professional Writing Response is well-organized, objective, and concisely written. Writing is clear and free of grammatical and mechanical errors. Responses to peers demonstrate courtesy and respect for others. /6 pts. Total

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