Classical Music

The three-page concert paper will be based on attendance at a live concert. (No rock, pop or rap, please. If you are unsure of the suitability of the concert, please run it by me.) Due dates are listed in the syllabus section. For this assignment, try to think like you are writing a critique for the next days New York Times. You should discuss what you heard and saw at the concert such as the pieces heard, music background, the instruments used, how the pieces struck you emotionally, the audience reaction, or anything else that was an important part of the experience. Proper use of musical terms and spelling count. Please include any sources for background information used. (Citations in whatever format you choose. Just be consistent.) Also, remember to include when and where you attended this event. I will have a discussion forum where upcoming concerts can be posted by students. Please submit papers as either a WORD document attachment, or cut-and-paste. No WORKS documents, please.

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