Collaboration And Student Success

Collaboration and Student Success

For this week’s discussion, you will consider how learner success does not exist in isolation. Rather, it requires a collaborative community working together.


  • Watch  Teacher Collaboration: Spreading best practices school-wide (Links to an external site.).
  • Key concepts from the textbook, specifically Chapter 6: Collaboration (ebook version search term Collaboration), should also be referenced and used to support your response.

Write (Post an initial response by Day 3). Consider recording your response using the “Record/Upload Media” button in the discussion response toolbar.

  • Discuss the importance of collaboration during planning and in the intervention process and the potential impact on learner success.
  • Describe your own experience or observation where collaboration either proved challenging or improved an intervention. What did you learn from this?

Respond to Peer: Remember that in your response, you will indicate PK-12 or adult learners in the subject line so that you can respond to someone within your own context and outside of it. In each peer response, explore how collaboration has worked within your own context. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Consider recording your response using the “Record/Upload Media” button in the discussion response toolbar. Ask questions to encourage further conversation.  When possible use real-life examples from your own experiences and work-place and make purposeful connections with others.

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