Colonialism and Racism

Please write one paragraph (no more than 100 words) in response to one of the following questions . Then please respond to at least one classmate’s post (no more than 40 words in your response) by 12:00PM on Monday of the following week.Question 1: So far in this class, we have taken critical looks at many types of media, finding colonialism and racism in video games, nationalism in food and morning dramas, Orientalism in Hollywood films, militarization in music videos, etc. Is it OK to be a fan of problematic media? When does it stop being OK for you, personally? Offer an example from the class or from your own life of problematic media that makes you question whether it is OK to be a fan. Please be respectful of your classmates’ opinions when commenting on their posts.Question 2: How can this week’s reading(s) offer a new perspective on this week’s screening(s)? [OR] How can this week’s screening(s) offer a new perspective on this week’s reading(s)? Choose one meaningful connection that you found and explain it. Include one short quotation from a reading and cite it. Citations do not count toward the total word count.

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