Communication barriers

In this Team Final Presentation, you will be pretending that you and the other members of your team are Communication experts. Your team has been called in to talk to a specific group of people that are having communication problems within their group. In this hypothetical scenario, your team is there to help identify the three specific Communication Barriers that the group is having problems with, and each of you will take one of these barriers, explain what it is and how it affects that specific group of people and what steps they are to take to begin correcting the barrier so that the group can communicate more effectively. Ok, so how do you get started: 1. Your team must decide on who the hypothetical group is that you will be presenting to. Example: The group are nurses and doctors that are having problems with their communication and it is affecting patients. Or teachers and administrators having communication problems, etc. You can create your own hypothetical audience. ***OUR HYPOTHETICAL GROUP IS THE CAFETERIA IN A HOSPITAL THAT ARE HAVING TROUBLE GETTING THE PATIENTS THEIR TRAYS ON TIME*** Once your team has determined who your audience is, then you will each choose one of the Communication Barriers found in Module 4. You will each choose one barrier, so if you are in a team of three, you will be speaking on three different barriers that your team has determined to be the barriers affecting this specific group of people. ***MY COMMUNICATION BARRIER IS: PROBLEMS WITH STRUCTURE DESIGN, I.E. LACK OF EQUIPMENT OR STAFF IN THE KITCHEN, SOMETHING ALONG THESE LINES. 2. Once you each have your topic, to research, you will need to Google the specific Communication Barrier and how it affects that specific group of people and how to correct the problem. Example, your team has decided that your audience is a group of managers and executives of a business that are having communication problems. So one of your team members chooses “Information Overload” as their Communication Barrier. That speaker would then Google, Information Overload and how it affects managers and executives and how to correct Information Overload in the workplace. By researching very specifically using the specific type of audience your team has created, your research will give you specific information that pertains to that specific group. This is how you will find your sources and information for your specific Communication Barrier. There is an outline format in Module 4 that each of you are required to fill out as an assignment. You will need to do your research before you can complete this outline. THERE MUST BE A TOTAL OF 7 SOURCES. I’VE TYPED MY INPUT TO THE DIRECTIONS IN CAPS. THE OUTLINE FORMAT WILL BE INCLUDED AS AN ATTACHMENT. THE SOURCES NEED TO BE LISTED WHERE YOU SEE SOURCE ON THE OUTLINE SO I KNOW WHERE TO CITE THE SOURCES IN MY SPEECH AS WELL AS WHERE TO LIST THEM IN MY POWERPOINT. DON’T MIND WHERE IT SAYS SLIDE, THAT’S JUST A MARKER OF WHERE I NEED TO CREATE A SLIDE FOR MY PRESENTATION. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.

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