compare a major theme from two reading

Your assignment for your second paper is to COMPARE A MAJOR THEME from two works from our readings in Set Two. You will be discussing how the different authors use the same theme and how they are used in either a similar or a different manner. The paper will be 500-1000 words. Your first paragraph will begin by making a general statement about the theme, then you will name the authors and title of both works you are comparing with an explanation of how they relate to the theme. The body paragraphs will quote lines from the works to prove your points. A paper without direct quotes will not succeed. I will also be looking at how well you integrate quotes into your sentences here. **See “Text Weaving” examples in the Document “USING QUOTATIONS SUCCESSFULLY. ” I’ve also posted documents on the comparison paper, , Attach your second paper below by the due date. In addition, post your paper in “SHARE PAPER TWO” the day after the due date) so we can share your work with classmates. By the way, no outside sources are necessary in this paper, but if you do use quotations or ideas from outside sources, please acknowledge them by “Credentialing” your quote or paraphrase by saying, “According to . . .” you have to choose the 2 of the readings I attached in the files

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