Project Overview

In this project, you will draft a proposal for your company’s leadership team and receive feedback from colleagues on your proposal. You will also provide feedback to your colleagues on their proposals. You will decide which feedback you want to include in your final proposal. Finally, you will reflect on the process of giving and receiving feedback.

The ability to analyze information and effectively communicate your findings are important professional skills.


In this project, you will master the following competency:

  • Craft written messages for an intended audience


You work for Acme Widget Company, which sells toys, games, bicycles, sporting goods, and footwear, among other products. Lately, Acme has increased its profits and popularity through booming online sales. Now, the company is looking for new ways to attract talented people to hire.
Acme Widget Company Logo

You are the director of Acme’s Employee Culture Committee. This team meets once a week to plan events and discuss how to continuously improve the culture for employees at Acme. After polling current employees about what new benefits would make them want to stay with Acme, you learned that the most popular choices were:

Three women exercising on workout equipment at a fitness center.

  • An employee gym and fitness center at the office
  • Free lunches for employees at least once per week

As head of Acme’s Employee Culture Committee, you will be choosing which of these two options to propose to the company’s leadership team. You will need to persuade the leadership team that offering one of these benefits to employees is worth the investment.


1. Draft Proposal

First, consider which of the two options from the employee survey you would like to propose to Acme’s leadership. You may choose to propose:

A group of coworkers eating pizza together during lunch in an office meeting room.

  • Opening an employee gym and fitness center at the Acme offices


  • Offering weekly free lunches for all employees

You will need to prove to the leadership team that one of these options is worth their investment. Make sure to support your argument with evidence. Review the articles provided in the Supporting Materials section to learn more about the benefits of your chosen option.

Once you decide which option you would like to propose, write a proposal (450–550 words) to the leadership team. In your proposal, make sure you do the following:

  1. Start by clearly stating your thesis. Your thesis is a brief, one-sentence statement of the main argument you’re making in your proposal. Thesis statements usually appear in the first paragraph of a piece of argumentative writing.
  2. Explain the benefits of either (1) opening a gym or (2) providing free lunches. Make sure to explain your reasons in a way that will appeal to leaders within the organization.
  3. Include evidence to support the claims in your proposal. To do this, you can use the articles in the Supporting Materials section. You may also find your own sources to support your argument. If you choose to find your own, make sure that they are expert sources. Be sure to cite all of the sources you use to support your argument.
  4. As you write, use a tone that will appeal to the audience you are writing for.

2. Feedback Forms

Before submitting your proposal to leadership, you should exchange feedback with other members of the Employee Culture Committee. This way, you can make sure that your proposal is in the best shape possible.

Note: For the purposes of this activity, fellow students will be acting as your “coworkers.” To give and receive feedback:

To get feedback on your proposal, create a new thread on the Peer Feedback Discussion. In your post, explain that you have completed your draft and would like to exchange feedback with other students. Post your proposal as an attachment so that other students will be able to review it.

You must also find at least two other students to give feedback to. Use the feedback form to compile your feedback. Then, reply to the student’s initial post and upload your feedback form as an attachment to the reply. To make sure all students receive the feedback they need to finish their projects, be sure to choose students who have the fewest replies to their initial post.

Alternatively, you can ask coworkers, peers, friends, or family members to give you feedback on your proposal. If you choose to do this, you must also include their completed feedback form as one of your project submissions.

Note: Even if you choose to receive feedback from a coworker, peer, friend, or family member, you must still upload your draft proposal to the Peer Feedback Discussion so that other students have the opportunity to give you feedback.

Note: You must submit the two completed feedback forms that you filled out for other students as part of your final project submission.

3. Final Proposal

In addition to giving feedback to others, you should also use the feedback you get as part of this project. You may use suggestions from as many other students, peers, coworkers, or friends as you want, but you must use the feedback of at least one person.

Once you get feedback on your proposal, review the suggestions and comments from your peer(s). Decide which feedback you want to include in your final draft. Then, incorporate their feedback into your draft to create a final draft of your proposal.

4. Retrospective

The culture committee was pleasantly surprised by the success of the feedback exchange. Now, they would like to propose that the company use this process again in the future. One of the members has asked you and your coworkers to write a retrospective of the process.

Once you have completed a final draft of your proposal, complete the retrospective document, which is also linked in the What to Submit section. In your retrospective, you should reflect on the process of giving and receiving feedback.

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables. These are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

  1. Proposal Draft 
    The first draft of your proposal will be posted to the Peer Feedback Discussion. You do not need to submit it again with your project submission. Your draft proposal should be 450–550 words in length..
  2. Feedback Forms
    As part of this project, you will give feedback to at least two other students on their proposals. For each student, download a copy of the Feedback Form, fill it out, and attach the form in a reply to their post in the discussion. You will need to submit the feedback forms that you complete for other students again when you submit your project.
  3. Final Proposal
    You will receive feedback from your peers on your draft proposal. Then, you will incorporate some or all of this feedback into the final version of your proposal, which should be 450–550 words in length.
  4. Retrospective
    The last step of your project requires you to complete this retrospective for your supervisor. Submit this retrospective as the final part of this project.

Supporting Materials

The following resources will help you complete this project.

Fitness Center Resources: Use these resources from the Shapiro Library to learn about the benefits of employee wellness programs and fitness centers. If you choose to write your proposal about this topic, you can use these readings as evidence to support your argument:

Free Lunch Resources: Use these resources from the Shapiro Library to learn about the benefits of free food at work. If you choose to write your proposal about this topic, you can use these readings as evidence to support your argument:

Citation Help
Need help citing your sources? Use the CfA Citation Guide and Citation Maker.

Writing Guide
Use the tutorials and resources in this guide if you need help with your writing during this project.

Reading and Writing Support

Do you want to review strategies for reading?
Watch this short video on reading comprehension strategies from SNHU Academic Support.

Do you need additional support on your writing?
Watch this short video on brainstorming from SNHU Academic Support.
Or try this video on paraphrasing and summarizing from SNHU Academic Support.

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